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Covertly Extend Your Lunch Hour!

What on earth is lunchclock?

lunchclock is a JavaScript clock that distorts time to give you a longer lunch hour. lunchclock discreetly runs fast in the morning, runs slow over lunch, and runs fast again in the afternoon. The result is that the length of your working day is unchanged, but you can sneak a few extra minutes onto your lunch break.

How do I use lunchclock?

You simply enter the details of your working day and the desired lunch period extension, then click on 'Launch lunchclock'. lunchclock launches in a new browser window, and displays a large clock. You can press F11 to make the window go full-screen. Simply run lunchclock on a computer in a prominent position in your office or workplace. lunchclock has most effect when your boss can see both your desk and the lunchclock at the same time. Alternatively, run lunchclock on your own computer so everybody around you can see what time you're running on - but don't forget to turn off your screen saver.

How does lunchclock work?

lunchclock uses a chrono-distortion algorithm to calculate how much to speed up or slow down the clock based on the details of your working day and your desired lunch period extension. If, for example, your lunch period is 12:00 until 13:00, and you set a lunch period extension of 1 hour, lunchclock runs fast during the morning and reaches 12:00 when it is really 11:30. lunchclock then runs slow and reaches 13:00 when it is really 13:30. lunchclock then runs fast again until the end of your working day.

Of course a 1 hour extension is way too obvious, but use lunchclock with a 1 to 5 minute extension and it is almost impossible to detect! lunchclock is written in JavaScript and runs in a web browser window. It uses your computers own clock as a reference, so you should make sure that it is correct.

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